Vishant Patel Motorbike in the Badlands using a Kronox Waterproof Duffel Bag

Vishant Patel's "Ride For Kids": A Journey of Heart, Adventure, and Giving

Join us in exploring Vishant Patel's "Ride For Kids" Voyage, where his passion for motorcycles and philanthropy takes him across America's stunning landscapes, raising awareness and support for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, with Kronox's Everglades Waterproof Duffel Bag as his trusted companion.

Vishant Patel's "Ride For Kids": A Journey of Heart, Adventure, and Giving

Vishant Patel's solo journey on his KTM 890 Adventure, aptly named "Ride For Kids," is a compelling narrative of courage, compassion, and the relentless spirit of a rider dedicated to making a difference. Vishant embarked on this remarkable voyage across the United States, navigating through iconic landscapes such as the Badlands National Park, Wyoming's vast expanses, the mesmerizing Salt Flats, and the natural wonders of Yellowstone Park.

With 17 motorcycles in his collection, Vishant is not just a rider; he's a lover, collector, traveler, and profound admirer of motorcycles. His passion for riding is matched only by his commitment to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, as he traverses the globe on two wheels for a cause that's close to his heart. His adventures have even taken him to the rugged terrains near the Himalayas in India, showcasing his versatility and fearless spirit as a rider.

During his "Ride For Kids" Voyage, Vishant relied on one of Kronox's Everglades Waterproof Duffel Bags, a testament to the trust he places in our gear to protect his essentials against the elements. His journey and the breathtaking moments captured on his Instagram @vish2ridemoto and YouTube channel vish2ridemoto not only inspire awe but resonate with the heart of our community.

Vishant introduces himself and his motorcycle journey in an introductory video, inviting us into his world where motorcycles are more than just machines; they are companions in his quest to spread joy and hope.

As we share Vishant Patel's inspiring story, we're reminded of the profound impact one individual can have. His journey underscores the essence of the Kronox community—passion for riding fused with the power of giving back. Vishant's story is not just about the miles covered; it's a beacon of inspiration, encouraging us all to ride with purpose.


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