Thanks for buying a Kronox Waterproof Duffel bag!

You have acquired a weatherproof duffel bag produced for motorcycle and Powersports riders. This bag has a roll top design to ensure the best performance against heavy rain and straps to fasten it to your vehicle. While it’s easy to use, we highly recommend reading the product instructions carefully before its first use.

For your safety and to safeguard the goods stored inside this bag, please use it according to the following instructions.


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Step 1 - Kronox Duffel Bag instructions

Step 1

Open the air valve on the side.

Step 2 - Kronox Duffel Bag instructions

Step 2

Lift the bag’s opening and flatten it. Close the opening using the self-fastener

Step 3 - Kronox Duffel Bag instructions

Step 3

Roll the opening on itself, 3 or 4 times.

(depending on the load of the bag).

Step 4 - Kronox Duffel Bag instructions

Step 4

Compress the bag. Close the air valve.

Step 5 - Kronox Duffel Bag instructions

Step 5

Buckle it to the 2 sides of the bag.

Step 1 - Kronox Duffel Bag install in your motorcycle

How to install your duffel bag in your motorcycle?

To secure the Duffel Bag to your bike, first connect one of the included vehicle straps to the lower quick-release buckle of the bag.

Step 2 - Kronox Duffel Bag install in your motorcycle

Then, pass the strap under the tail of your bike and connect the other end to the diagonal opposite buckle of the bag. Repeat the same process with the other strap on the other side

Important! - Driving direction Kronox Duffel bag


While using the bag on your vehicle, always face the bag’s opening opposite to the driving direction to avoid rain being pressed onto the bag.


Kronox - Waterproof


IPX6 (Protected against high-pressure water stream from any angle but not suitable for underwater activities).

Kronox - cleaning


To keep your duffel bag clean, use water and a soft cloth to wipe down any surfaces marked with dirt or dust. Avoid hard soaps, detergents, bleach, and high-pressure hoses.

Do not dry clean, iron, or tumble dry.

Kronox Waterproof Duffel Bag 40 Liters

Coupling Feature

You can use up to 2 Kronox duffel bags together, by using the quick release function to connect them.


  • Always hold your electronics In their own waterproof layer to avoid any possible damage.
  • Avoid sharp, pointed, or abrasive objects in or near your duffel bag. Any damage on the surface or the interior could result in diminished waterproof performance.
  • Keep at least 5 inches away from direct heat, exhaust fumes, or gases.
  • You can use the provided straps to secure the duffel to your vehicle of choice at your own risk. Avoid its use at high speeds.
  • This bag is the perfect way to keep your belongings dry. It's not designed for storing or carrying water on its inside.
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