Crafted for the adventurous rider, the Kerman Tail Bag combines durability with versatility. Designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, it offers substantial storage capacity, easy installation, and access to your gear while ensuring the safety of your belongings.


To maximize the performance and safety of your tail bag, please follow the installation instructions thoroughly. Proper installation is key to the bag's stability and your safety.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Seat Removal

Begin by removing the motorcycle's rear seat to prepare for the tail bag installation.

Step 2

Strap Attachment

Attach the fastening straps ensuring the buckles are on the sides. Verify that the straps do not obstruct the seat lock mechanism.

Step 3

Seat Reinstallation

Place the seat back, ensuring the safety strap wraps securely around it for added stability.

Step 4

Bag Connection

Attach the tail bag to the pre-installed straps on your motorcycle. 

step 5

Strap Adjustment

Firmly tighten the straps. Use the elastic loops provided to manage any excess strap length and prevent aerodynamic noise.

Step 6

Weather Protection

For enhanced protection against rain or dirt, utilize the included waterproof cover, ensuring it is well secured.

Step 7

Height Adjustments

Utilize the height setting options to accommodate various storage needs. 

Step 8

Height Adjustments

Utilize the height setting options to accommodate various storage needs. 

Step 9

Height position allows you to place large objects, like a helmet.

Step 10

Shoulder Strap Use

For convenience off the bike, employ the shoulder straps to carry the tail bag effortlessly.

Step 11

Use the shoulder straps to carry your tail bag where your motorcycle can't go.

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