This backpack is not just a testament to durability and functionality; it's also a beacon of superior weather resistance. Featuring airtight zippers that are IPX7 certified, this backpack guarantees to keep your belongings secure and dry, no matter the adventure ahead.

For your safety and to safeguard the goods stored inside this bag, please use it according to the following instructions.


The airtight zippers on your Niagara backpack are the strongest on the market, achieving their IPX7 certification through their exceptional design. This high level of protection requires some simple but crucial maintenance to preserve their performance and integrity.

Follow the instructions below for proper zipper lubrication and cleaning, ensuring your backpack remains in peak condition.

Zipper Lubrication:

Regular lubrication is key to maintaining the smooth operation and longevity of your backpack's airtight, IPX7 certified zippers. A zipper lubrication kit is included with your backpack for this purpose.

Initial Lubrication: Although we ship our backpacks with the zippers pre-lubricated, the transit time can lead to the need for a touch-up upon arrival.


Apply one or two drops of lubricant to the front rack of the zipper.

Step 2

Gently open and close the zipper to ensure the lubricant is evenly distributed along its length.


Keep the lubricant knob within your backpack for convenience. It's important to regularly check the zippers for any accumulation of dust or sand and to ensure they are always well-lubricated for optimal performance.


The high resistance of the Niagara backpack to dirt and usage marks does not preclude the need for occasional cleaning:


Should your backpack require cleaning, it can be washed with soap and water. Keep zippers open if the interior is damp to avoid moisture entrapment.


Expedite the drying process using a towel or paper towel, ensuring the backpack is thoroughly dry before its next use.

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