Enjoy unparalleled convenience and security with our Ridgecrest Tank Bag, crafted from durable materials with your motorcycle adventures in mind. Its sleek design ensures ease of access to your essentials, while the innovative attachment system offers a secure fit for all types of motorcycles.


For optimal use and safety, please read and follow the installation instructions carefully. Proper installation ensures your tank bag performs at its best during your rides.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Prepare Your Tank

Ensure the motorcycle's tank surface is clean, removing any dust or debris to allow for a secure attachment.

Step 2

Position the Bag

Align the tank bag so that it sits comfortably on your tank, making sure the fuel cap is easily accessible for refueling.

Step 3

Secure with Straps

Fasten the bag securely using the provided straps. Attach them to stable parts of the motorcycle frame, avoiding any moving or heat-generating components.

Step 4

Front Tether

Attach the front tether strap specifically to the frame, not to any moving parts like the fork, to ensure stability

step 5

Zipper Closure

Secure the tank bag using the zippers on the base. To refuel, simply unzip one side without removing the entire bag.

Step 6

Regular Checks

Ensure the bag remains securely in place throughout your journey, adjusting straps as necessary.

Step 7

Weather Protection

Use the included waterproof cover to protect against rain or mud. Ensure it's properly fastened.

Step 8

GPS Pocket

Keep your GPS visible and protected by using the designated top pocket, safeguarding it from rain and dust.

Step 9

Shoulder Strap for Portability

Utilize the included shoulder strap for easy carrying off the motorcycle, ensuring convenience wherever you go.

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One-Year Warranty

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