Thanks for buying a Kronox Backpack Hard Shell!

You have acquired a backpack hard shell produced for motorcycle and Powersports riders. This backpack has aerodynamically design to ensure the best performance for comfortable street riding. While it’s easy to use, we highly recommend reading the product instructions carefully before its first use.

For your safety and to safeguard the goods stored inside this bag, please use it according to the following instructions.


Kronox hard shell backpack compact mode.

Step 1

Keep the expansion zipper closed for a compact mode.

Kronox hard shell backpack expanded mode

Step 2

Unzip the expansion zipper to make room for a helmet.

Internal laptop sleeve in Kronox hard shell backpack

Step 3

Use the internal laptop sleeve to ensures safety and protection for your tech devices.

Elastic straps into the kronox hard shell backpack

Step 4

Use the elastic straps to hold your laptop or tablet.

chest strap - Kronox tokyo backpack

Step 5

Adjust the height of the chest strap for customized comfort.

Chest and waist strap - Kronox Tokyo backpack

Step 6

Use the chest and waist strap to maintain an optimal fit of the backpack to the body.

One-year warranty desktopOne-year warranty mobile


Our products come with a 1-year warranty covering material and manufacturing defects. Unregistered products, not bought directly from our store, are only covered for 90 days.

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